Electronic Certifications (E-Certs) is a new approach to rapidly delivering certificates of completion for insurance continuing education credit to agents who complete their CE requirements through RegEd. Agents have online access to their certificate after completing a self-study or other CE event and meeting all state rules and regulations.

Gathering and storing certificates was a tedious chore in the past, but with RegEd's innovative solution the work is done electronically and automatically. E-Certs allows agents to easily keep a record of which courses they have completed and determine what they need to satisfy state requirements.

Key FeaturesBenefits
  • Seven-year file storage
  • 24/7 access to your certificates
  • Automated electronic certificate storage
  • Decreases time spent on filing tasks
  • Rapid certificate delivery
  • Dependable, accurate record of your completion history

The system is available 24/7, allowing agents access to certificates for courses or CE events completed through RegEd. Using our system, you can print a copy to send to the state, or make a request to RegEd to mail a copy for your records. This approach eliminates the need for agents to keep a file of all certificates received for a renewal period.

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