FINRA Suitability Training

FINRA Suitability Training offers an extensive catalog of new product training courses for your reps. Our product courses are designed with feedback from RegEd's broker-dealer community to ensure that your training requirements and expectations are met. We also work with clients to develop courses for complex products and other specific training needs.

To ensure that your reps receive credit, we validate completions in real-time and allow administrator access and direct calls to the RegEd database. FINRA Suitability Training also allows you to confirm your compliance with reports and exports, and develop custom reports and exports to meet your firm's needs. We maintain compliance data over a multi-year period on the same platform with annual requirements such as FIRM Element Training.

Key FeaturesBenefits
  • Robust catalogue of product training courses
  • Targeted notifications to reps of changes to requirements
  • Real-time compliance validation and view of rep status
  • Reps may meet all of their compliance requirements on one site
  • Custom import assignment of courses reduces redundant training
  • Custom courses can be developed for specific products and training needs

FINRA Suitability Training allows you to leverage your existing Trax platform to ensure rapid compliance with new requirements. You may also utilize the familiar Trax functionality to reduce rep confusion and streamline compliance with other rep-centric requirements

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