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Social Media Archiving and Surveillance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RegEd’s Social Media Archiving Solution?
RegEd offers a full social media archiving and surveillance solution that enables the capture of social content. This includes:

  • Facebook profiles and Fan pages, including private messaging
  • Twitter status updates, mentions, tweets retweeted and direct messages
  • RSS integration for blogs, blog comments, social and web searches, YouTube and more
  • The solution includes search, reporting and many other tools for archiving, compliance and market intelligence.

What information is Captured When I First Sign Up?
The information that is captured is based upon each social network’s API rules:

  • Facebook – has a feature-rich API for certain elements like Photos. In general you can expect all photo galleries to be captured in the initial integration and approximately 90 days worth of wall posts.
  • Twitter – will attempt to gather as many as 3200 tweets.
  • RSS – will gather most current posts

Do I need Servers or Software?
No. Arkovi is software as a service (SaaS), provided to you as a secure web hosted application. We support from one to thousands of users. Your business can be in one location or geographically dispersed around the world. You may use the web browser(s) supported by your business. Arkovi supports:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • and many other browsers

Additionally you may use many mobile devices, including:

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Palm Pre
  • Windows

Arkovi was developed to offer a flexible architecture enabling your business to manage social archives online, integrate them into your digital business and trusted third parties or export your archives for offline storage.

How Do You Use My Contact Information?
We collect your contact information when you sign up for Arkovi. This information is for purposes of providing you the Arkovi service. We do not sell, rent or otherwise distribute your contact information to other organizations without your consent.

We add your email address to our systems as an Arkovi user and communicate with you in that medium. All of our email newsletters provide an unsubscribe link. However – as an Arkovi user we do recommend you remain on our email distribution to receive communications relevant to your use of our services.

How does the solution capture the firm’s Social content?
Arkovi integrates with social networks at the API (application programming interface). This is a direct connection to enable us to capture the content you create regardless of how you create and publish. We integrate with Facebook and Twitter. In addition, our RSS integration accomplishes the same goal for blogs, web content and other social platforms that offer limited or no API access.

Arkovi users authorize social accounts via Oauth – which is a secure method your business to connect social accounts to Arkovi without the need to provide us those passwords.

How Do You Use Our Archive Data?
Your social media archives are proprietary to your firm. RegEd hosts the archives securely as a part of the delivery of our services. We do not distribute the data to third parties unless under the express consent of your relationship with a third party (i.e. our integration with email archiving providers, or for the purpose of moving the firm’s archives to corporate or third party digital storage destination).

Reporting on the Arkovi archive data is in aggregate, to identify the number of records we have and how they represent the social networks (platforms like Facebook and Twitter and message types like Status Updates and Mentions, etc.).

How Long Do You Maintain My Archives?
Arkovi stores your social media archives for as long as you are an active customer. While you are an active customer (any Arkovi Edition) you have the ability to download some or all of your data, on demand, in Excel and XML format (see attached screenshot).

Additionally, enterprise customers may have the archives distributed to a third party destination of choice on a regular schedule. Currently those distribution methods include:

  • Email of archives
  • FTP, SFTP or SSH of archives
  • Arkovi enterprise customers who also use one of our email archiving partners (Global Relay, MailBanc and MessageWatcher) also have their archives directly integrated into those respective systems.

Any customer who chooses to discontinue using our service may also confirm a complete export of all archives prior to the termination of account(s).

What versions of the software does Arkovi offer?
Arkovi offers multiple editions:

  • Individual Premium – enables a single user to archive personal social accounts and RSS integration
  • Individual Enterprise – for the sole business user, including support for Facebook business (Fan) pages
  • Enterprise – starts with 5 users (additional users available) and includes integration to corporate and third party systems

Can you block sites?
No. Our solution enables the ability to archive, maintain and monitor employee activities across social media and web outlets. However, you may block access to specific sites via firewall settings within the firm’s corporate network.

Can you turn off features?
No. It is not possible to turn off features on social sites that are beyond your firm’s control (public systems and networks). However, the firm can control what its employees communicate via social sites while they are identified as the firm’s employee. Installing proper policies and guidelines that delineates acceptable vs. prohibited behavior is the best practice in the industry.

Do I have a surveillance dashboard allowing me to monitor everybody?
Yes. The firm’s administrative and/or compliance staff can review all social accounts archiving. This includes “point and click” review as well as the ability to search, filter, and export to Excel and save 1-click reports for future use.

Can I use your archives on my existing compliance dashboard?
We offer a number of ways to export and integrate social media archives:

  • Excel and XML export
  • Via automated delivery of the archives to a specific destination via email.