Xchange for Life, Health and Variable Annuities

RegEd's Enterprise Registration and Licensing platform, Xchange, was created in conjunction with industry leading firms, to optimize producer on-boarding and licensing processes. RegEd continues to invest in and enhance Xchange to ensure firms are able to manage producer compliance as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Xchange for Life, Health and Variable Annuities focuses on efficiency, utilizing data re-use, built-in system authentication and flexible hierarchy maintenance. RegEd's regulatory experts work closely with State DOIs and FINRA to maintain our extensive compliance rule-base. Our product helps you keep your data current and accurate, synchronizing vital databases with state records and integrating with policy administration to ensure that proper credentials are held prior to processing a policy or claim.

Key FeaturesBenefits
  • Integration with policy admin applications for JIT appointment processing
  • Reusable data for any transaction, report or filing
  • Ad hoc reporting capabilities to track producer compliance status
  • Automated termination processing includes generation of letters and submission of termination based on state rules
  • Integrates with PDB and automation of appointments and terminations based on state rules, ensuring clean market conduct exams
  • Eliminates non-productive renewals
  • Prevents incomplete or inconsistent transactions and filings
  • Ensures accurate compliance information
  • Validates training prior to appointment processing to ensure producer is adequately credentialed

Xchange provides a quick, seamless process for every distribution channel, which instills producer confidence that the carrier has the sophistication required to support today's savvy consumer. Xchange supports the onboarding process for multiple distribution channels, including: Broker/Dealers, banks, wholesalers, aggregators, career agents, and independent agents.

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