Xchange for Call Centers

Call Center licensing and appointments have traditionally presented a challenge to a carrier's licensing department. Multi-state and rule-based territories create heavy setup and unending maintenance challenges. To add to the complexity, Call Center agent turnover is high, often as high as 30 – 40% annually. With new hire setup, license and appointment acquisition, tracking of license renewal and required CE, Call Center Licensing can be an intensive administrative, personnel-heavy process. The manual nature of this operation makes it susceptible to errors and serious compliance risks. That's why, through its Xchange platform, RegEd has introduced a solution called "Xchange for Call Centers" that is specifically tailored to the call center licensing operations.

Xchange for Call Centers provides efficiency at every step in the producer licensing life cycle. With Xchange for Call Centers, producer data is entered only once, and then automatically reused for contracting, required licenses, appointments, renewals and terminations. Xchange for Call Centers' single point of data entry improves compliance and reduces filing fees by eliminating the human error stemming from redundant data entry.

Key FeaturesBenefits
  • Single-point data entry and automatic reuse of data
  • Comprehensive CE library
  • CE tracking for producers and licenses with a CE requirement
  • Dramatically streamline licensing operations
  • Improve compliance standing
  • Reduce human error, filing fees and data entry time

Xchange for Call Centers also simplifies the process of tracking license and appointment renewals. The system provides reminders directly to the producer and the Licensing Department, and tracks CE for each individual producer. Our product also features Mass Maintenance Utilities, which allow the licensing center to simultaneously update information across the agent population, facilitating licensing center processes. Xchange for Call Centers allows you to dramatically streamline your licensing center operations and improve your compliance standing with regulators.

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