Advertising Review: Leverage Third Party Integrations and Web Services to Streamline Marketing and Compliance Workflows

[Originally broadcast on August 21, 2020]

Description: Managing the advertising and customer communications review, approval, and document management can present significant challenges for financial services firms. The process must fully address compliance requirements pursuant to state, federal, FINRA and other customer communication regulations, while facilitating a seamless review process that enables stakeholders to ensure the quality and effectiveness of marketing communications, while speeding time to market.

This session reviews the system’s advanced capabilities for third party integration and web services, which significantly reduce manual intervention in the review process and turnaround time from asset creation through submission and approval.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Supported integrations with client homegrown systems and third party applications.
  • Deep dive on RegEd’s web services capabilities, which facilitate bi-directional communication between Advertising Review and other applications.
  • Example client use cases that demonstrate best practices in leveraging integrations to increase automation and speed time to market.

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