Alerts 2.0, a module of RegEd’s Xchange Enterprise Licensing and Registration solution, enables companies to identify individuals and agencies for which they should receive notifications and automated PDB data updates.

Automated Notifications

Receive same-day, automated notification when a state record change occurs on the PDB, avoiding out-of-date information that can result from manual, point-in-time searches of the PDB.

Highly Customizable

Identify specific data points for notifications, automated updates, or queue items for efficient review and approval, depending on the firm’s business needs.

Robust Reporting

Provides insight into discrepancies between the PDB and the firm’s database, and an audit trail of exceptions and actions taken in response to each alert.

Improved Data Accuracy

Receive automated notification of discrepancies between the PDB and the company’s database. Instill confidence that the firm’s records are synched with official filing office records.

Automated PDB Lookup

Significantly reduce the time and resources required to manually check the PDB and identify and reconcile changes, enabling licensing staff to focus on work that delivers higher value to the organization.

Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk of non-compliance and data inaccuracies during a regulatory audit, which can potentially result in fines, penalties or damage to the company’s reputation.

“Within the first three months of using Alerts 2.0, our Agency has received more than 300,000 alerts notifying us of data changes on PDB. We were able to review these changes and update our database with minimal intervention. This is a major advancement in our journey to managing by exception.”

– Vice President & Compliance Officer, Leading Global Insurance Broker


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Complementary solutions to power your compliance and credentialing program – all on a unified enterprise platform.


RegEd CLEARXchange instantaneously validates contracting, licensing, education and training, appointment, and registration, at the source, to deliver a real-time Clear to SellSM


Using Xchange, RegEd’s Licensing and Registration Managed Services team can prepare the required filings and transactions, order supporting documents, validate producer data against current regulatory sources, and maintain evidence of filing.


RegEd Registered Rep Onboarding solution offers the unique ability to drive unparalleled operational efficiency and optimize all processes throughout the onboarding and registration process.


Xchange is unique in its ability to drive unparalleled operational efficiency and optimize all processes across producer / rep on-boarding, registration and licensing activities.


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