Xchange Producer Onboarding integrates comprehensive capabilities that enable insurance companies to dramatically reduce the time to contract and appoint new producers.

Dynamically Generated Contracts

Contract appendices are dynamically generated and prepopulated based on producer selections, including LoB and product selections.

Auto-Populated Producer Data

Automatic data population from primary sources – including NIPR, BI providers and internal CRM and third party systems – to reduce data entry.

Business Process Automation

Auto-trigger appointment transactions and background investigations based on business rules, eliminating the need for staff intervention.

“Clear to Sell” Validation

Real-time credentials validation and data synchronization with the NIPR ensure that producers are properly credentialed at the time of business placement.

Workflow & Hierarchy Management

Auto-route electronic contracting packets through the approval process, ensuring that required sign-offs occur and exceptions are queued for review.

Self-Service Tools

Self-service capabilities include guided interview questions, simple forms maintenance, real-time appendix creation and easy access to hierarchy views.

Status Notifications & Dashboards

Status alerts are sent to designated recipients as contracting progresses. Provide unified views of contracting approval status and exceptions.

Enterprise Reporting

Generate templated and ad-hoc reports, across the producer population, at any level of the company’s hierarchy.

The solution can directly interface with the NIPR, BI providers and distribution partner systems to auto-populate contracting forms, greatly streamlining the collection of producer data. Once producer data is collected, it is automatically reused in subsequent appointment and other transactions.


Content covering the latest news and best practices for producer onboarding from industry and RegEd subject matter experts.

AITE-NOVARICA REPORT: Distribution Channel Management: Insurance CIOs Focus on Improving the Onboarding Experience

This report presents and discusses the findings of interviews with ten life, annuity, and property/casualty insurance carriers that varied in size between midsize and large.

WHITE PAPER: Distribution Onboarding in the Digital Era

RegEd is pleased to share the following report based on a survey and interviews of executive and managerial staff within carriers’ distribution management and operations areas.

WEBINAR: How IT Can Empower Business Operations Through Advanced Automation and Integration in the Insurance Tech Ecosystem

Recorded live at the 2023 InsureTech Connect conference, Jacob Spitzley, RegEd’s Director of Xchange Product Management, presented RegEd’s next-generation Xchange Producer Management solution, which was developed with input from some of the nation’s largest insurance companies.

EXECUTIVE BRIEF: Xchange Onboarding, Licensing and Registration

This executive brief provides an in-depth overview of Xchange, RegEd’s Enterprise Contracting, Licensing and Registration solution, developed in collaboration with top industry firms, which has been implemented in more than 500 financial services firms.


Complementary solutions to power your compliance and credentialing program – all on a unified enterprise platform.


Alerts 2.0, a module of RegEd’s Xchange Enterprise Licensing and Registration solution, enables companies to identify individuals and agencies for which they should receive notifications and automated PDB data updates.


RegEd CLEARXchange instantaneously validates contracting, licensing, education and training, appointment, and registration, at the source, to deliver a real-time Clear to SellSM


RegEd Registered Rep Onboarding solution offers the unique ability to drive unparalleled operational efficiency and optimize all processes throughout the onboarding and registration process.


Xchange is unique in its ability to drive unparalleled operational efficiency and optimize all processes across producer / rep on-boarding, registration and licensing activities.


Schedule a personalized consultation with our solution and subject matter experts. We’ll provide an overview of how RegEd’s enterprise platform enables our clients to improve efficiency, effectiveness and transparency across the enterprise.

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