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Industry Challenge

A strong continuing education event program delivers value to the firm on multiple levels. Marketing and training events that offer CE credit attract producers and enjoy strong attendance. Live training / marketing events also provide the opportunity to create a persuasive impression of the firm’s expertise on timely topics and impart a greater understanding of the firm’s products and their value. Bolstering the knowledge of the firm’s producers and reinforcing the firms brand increases producer loyalty, a key factor in meeting sales production objectives.

Managing CE-worthy program events requires precise planning and perfect execution. In order for producers that attend CE-qualified events to actually receive the desired CE credit, firms must undertake a multitude of exacting compliance requirements. Falling short in any aspect of managing the CE program will disqualify the event for CE credit and negatively impact the firm’s reputation with the producers that attended the event.

RegEd Solution

RegEd’s CE Program Management can simplify and streamline the live CE program maintenance while ensuring compliance with all state DOI regulatory requirements. RegEd will obtain and maintain providerships with state Departments of Insurance and professional designation boards and acquire Department of Insurance approvals for both live classroom instructors and courses. Upon course completion, RegEd will roster class attendance, provide the required notifications to the states, and issue certificates of completion to all students who have completed a course. When a certificate is ready, the producer receives an email notification and can download the certificate at their convenience.

The combination of RegEd’s expert staff and RegEd’s CourseTrax technology ensures that the entire process is seamlessly managed, end to end, while ensuring compliance with all state regulatory requirements.

Distinguishing Capabilities

  • Efficiently manage the approval of providerships, instructor and course approvals and renewals with the state
  • Effectively manage all submissions, approvals and notifications to key stakeholders and regulators
  • Track existing providership, course, instructors approvals to ensure they are current and active
  • Easily track class attendance and receive notifications upon course completion
  • Issue electronic certificates to agents upon course completion
  • Branded Virtual University and course voucher program
  • CE hosting system and comprehensive course library
  • Custom content services
  • Virtual training on demand
  • Detailed reporting
  • Leveraging RegEd’s providership, firms can offer their own self-study courses
  • Access robust search capabilities to readily identify specific approval and event details
  • Access individual instructor and master calendar views of upcoming events
  • RegEd will assist the firm in the event of a state inquiry or audit

Key Benefits

  • Increase producer mind-share
  • Build producer product knowledge and sales effectiveness using tailored course / event content and typical client sales scenarios (e.g. asset growth, living benefits, death benefits, etc.).
  • Establish unique and differential value that attracts producers to the firm’s private labeled Virtual University.
  • Reduce Marketing / CE Event program costs
  • Shift the administrative burden of providership, course, instructor approvals, renewals to RegEd
  • Dual purpose the firm’s training program for Insurance CE credit.
  • Depend on RegEd to manage state relationships, regulatory change and respond to state inquiries.
  • Utilize RegEd’s customer service center to manage incoming producer requests.
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