Manage compliance and code of conduct in highly regulated industries.

Onboarding, Licensing
& Registration

The only unified solution to manage the full lifecycle of onboarding compliance for licensed persons, including advisors, agents, adjusters and others. Delivers a seamless user experience and validates credentials to ensure compliant sales and operational processes.


Efficiently manage requirements from regulatory agencies. Including Advertising Review, Code of Ethics / Conflicts of Interest, and Field and Branch Audits.

Regulatory Change

Powerful fit-for-purpose regulatory change work process system ensures new requirements are assigned to appropriate business owners, new requirements are implemented on time and the compliance loop is closed.

Policies & Procedures

An enterprise software solution that enables comprehensive, end-to-end administration and oversight of all elements of the firm’s policies and procedures.

Proven solutions to manage compliance and code of conduct in highly regulated industries.


Thought leadership from industry and RegEd subject matter experts.

EXECUTIVE BRIEF: Accelerating Claims-Adjuster Licensing For Self-Insured Employers

In this Executive Brief, we evaluate the options facing self-insured employers as they look to manage the adjuster-licensing process effectively through either built-for-purpose enterprise technology or adjuster licensing managed services.

WEBINAR: Onboarding in the Digital Age / Insurance Leaders Panel

Senior business leaders discuss challenges and opportunities facing the insurance industry in the context of these changing times – including digitization of insurance; M&A and consolidation; economic uncertainty; competitive pressures; advances in technology; and of course, more regulation.

CELENT REPORT: Keeping a Grip on Employee Conduct and Conflicts of Interest

This report, authored by Neil Katkov, PhD, Head of Risk and Compliance at Celent, provides an overview of the current landscape, as well as the best practices, processes and technology that leading firms employ to optimize compliance and reduce risk.

WHITE PAPER: Insurance Agency Licensing and Compliance: New Models for New Times

This report, authored by Karlyn Carnahan, CPCD, Head of Insurance at Celent, provides an overview of the different challenges faced by insurers, agencies, and call centers in the compliance process, and details some of the factors to consider when deciding whether to purchase technology designed specifically to manage the compliance process — or whether to consider managed services.


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