Blueprint for an Effective, Efficient & Agile Policy Management Program

[Originally broadcast on September 4, 2019]

Description: Effectively managing policies is easier said than done. Ad hoc or passive approaches mean that policies are outdated, scattered across the organization, and not consistent– resulting in confusion for recipients and a nightmare to manage. Organizations often lack a complete inventory of policies as so many departments have gone in different policy directions. Further, there is significant concern of rogue policies as anyone can create a document and call it a policy which may put a legal duty of care upon the organization.

The continual growth of regulatory requirements, complex business operations, and global expansion demand a well thought-out and implemented approach to policy management. It is no longer enough to simply make policies available. Organizations need to guarantee receipt, affirmation, and understanding of policies across the organization. To consistently manage and communicate policies, organizations are turning toward defined processes and technologies to govern policies and implement an effective policy management lifecycle.

This webinar aims to provide a blueprint for attendees on effective policy management in a dynamic business, regulatory, and risk environment where attendees will learn policy management governance and process that can be applied across the organization at either an enterprise or a department level.

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