Audit Management

RegEd's Audit Management is the leading audit management solution in the market. Audit Management allows you to work online or offline, and features online scheduling by auditor with a master compliance calendar. Our clients currently manage over 150,000 audits annually using the integrated, electronic scheduling, tracking and reporting tools that Audit Management provides. Using Audit Management allows you to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your entire audit process by improving your branch and supervisory audit management. While auditors see a personalized view of their audit information, management can access an overview of all scheduled audits. This product enriches your audit process by taking a consultative approach to implementation and improving data collection. Audit Management is supported by a robust reporting engine, offering real-time reporting on audits and audit data. By using Audit Management, you can increase the accuracy and efficiency of your entire audit process.

The Audit Dashboard is a powerful tool for administrators as well as auditors. By providing a snapshot of the number of audits in each stage of the audit process, a glance at the dashboard offers insight into the level of audit activity and even helps to identify bottlenecks or problem areas that may need to be addressed. The dashboard also includes targeted work queues based on audit status. This allows auditors and administrators to quickly identify and take action on audits requiring attention. By keeping open audits highly visible, the dashboard helps to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Key FeaturesBenefits
  • Permanent electronic audit trail for compliance purposes
  • Tracking and reminders for all open audits
  • Access to real-time audit reports
  • Automated audit reports and close-out letter generation
  • Mitigates compliance risk
  • Reduces time per audit by 30% or more
  • Provides electronic audit trail to help you stay in compliance
  • Enhances accuracy and efficiency of audit process

Audit Management is a market-tested, proven solution for streamlining the required annual audit process. It utilizes a post-audit Task Manager that tracks all findings through to resolution, enabling you to stay on top of your data. Audit findings reports, called Closeout Letters, can be automatically generated using a completely customizable form letter and are sent to the auditee and other parties instantaneously. The Follow-up Checklist used for post-audit processing streamlines the follow-up process by compiling all items that require action to close out the audit. Audit Management provides end-to-end automation of the audit process, giving firms every advantage technology can offer.

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