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Identify Risk Before It Happens with SCORE Risk Control Center.

Drive new levels of efficiency and increase compliance effectiveness while demonstrating a “culture of compliance” to regulatory examiners. Learn More.

Strengthen Organizational Alignment and Governance.

CODE powers comprehensive, end-to-end administration and oversight of all elements of the firm’s compliance program. Learn More.

Squeeze Out Inefficiency, Bake in Compliance.

Xchange transforms Licensing & Registration operations to support core business objectives: lowered costs, reduced risk and increased producer satisfaction. Learn More.

Case Studies
RegEd Advertising Review Solution Case Study – CUNA Mutual Group
CUNA Mutual Group’s requirements focused on eliminating manual processes, streamlining the communication between submitters
and reviewers, installing strong version control, and enabling all stakeholders to effectively track the status of submissions throughout the cycle… Read More.



RegEd Selected as “Best-in-Class” Solution for 1st Global’s Enterprise Empowerment Initiative

RegEd has announced a partnership with 1st Global, to be a part of the company’s Enterprise Empowerment Initiative (EEI)… Read more.

RegEd Reaches New Milestone with More than 250,000 Registered Reps Reporting Outside Business Activities and Compliance Disclosures

RegEd today announced that it has surpassed 250,000 registered reps reporting outside business activities and compliance disclosures through its enterprise platform…Read more.

NIPR Insurance Summit
May 22-26, 2017

The 2017 Insurance Summit will bring together a wide spectrum of insurance and regulatory disciplines into one premier conference for insurance professionals. Learn more.

ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference
June 11-14, 2017

Discuss crucial regulatory issues and learn effective compliance practices from peers and topical experts in the banking industry. Learn more.