Elevate Your Producer Experience

A frictionless experience throughout the credentialing and compliance lifecycle enables firms to recruit and retain top talent by improving producer satisfaction. Automation enables producers to spend more time with clients and less time entering data and addressing compliance needs.

Streamlined User Experience

Comprehensive dashboards provide critical, unified views to present a clear view of what reps need to do, what they’ve done, and outstanding items to be completed.

Speed to Market

The industry’s only real-time “clear to sell” solution eliminates “not in good order” (NIGO) transactions and improves agent and adviser satisfaction by allowing producers to place compliant business quickly.

“Clear to Sell” Signal

Ensure producers hold the proper credentials in real-time, including just-in-time training completions. Firms and producers do not have to delay placing business or paying commissions while waiting for training completion reports to be run or files to be uploaded to external systems.

Minimize Data Entry

Xchange’s advanced data management capabilities minimize data entry by auto-populating demographic and licensing data from internal and external sources. Contracts are pre-populated and dynamically generated based on producer selections.

Elevate Your Compliance Standard

Xchange enables firms to seamlessly execute the complex processing requirements associated with managing and tracking representatives’ licensing, registration and compliance and product education credentials, while minimizing non-compliance risk.

Automated Data

Automated data synchronization with the National Producer Database (PDB) through alerts from the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR), Web Electronic Filing Transfer (WebEFT), and internal databases maintain credentialing and compliance.

Reduced NIGOs and
Management by Exception

Business process automation (BPA) auto-triggers appropriate transactions and drives work processes without human intervention, providing true “hands-free” transactions and enabling compliance to focus on exceptions.

Enterprise Reporting

Robust reporting, at any level of the firm’s hierarchy, provides transparency and documentation to satisfy requests from internal stakeholders and regulatory examiners, reinforcing “culture of compliance” perceptions.


Licensure validation and data synchronization with the NIPR ensure that producers are properly credentialed and that accurate data populates transactions, reducing non-compliance risk.

Elevate Your Expectations

Xchange was developed in collaboration with leading industry firms over more than 150 enterprise implementations. RegEd clients benefit from the critical insights and best practices of the largest firms in the industry, as well as RegEd’s expertise in regulatory compliance, implementation methodology, data management and security.

High Performance
and Availability

For more than 20 years, RegEd has served the industry with best-in-class enterprise credentialing and compliance solutions, providing the highest availability and performance in the industry. In 2021, RegEd maintained an average of 99.989% system availability with an average application response time of 0.178 seconds.


Uninterrupted, compliant business placement creates competitive advantage, while a streamlined experience drives producer loyalty. Business process automation (BPA) enables unparalleled operational efficiency and scalability.

Implementation and
Data Management Expertise

RegEd implementation specialists experienced in configuring the platform for large carriers and distributors maximize ROI for firms by optimizing workflows and establishing a seamless user experience. The process has been perfected across hundreds of enterprise implementations.

Access to Industry
Best Practices

With more than 200 enterprise clients, RegEd provides access to the critical insights and best practices of the largest firms in the industry. RegEd partners with clients in innovation through client advisory boards, product working groups and industry round tables.

Xchange uniquely provides a single, unified solution that is powered by an extensive compliance rules engine. The solution enables firms to seamlessly execute the complex processing requirements associated with managing and tracking representatives’ licensing, registration and compliance and product education credentials.


Thought leadership from industry and RegEd subject matter experts.

WEBINAR: Licensing & Registration Leaders Panel

This webinar features a panel of compliance and operations leaders who discuss the current state of licensing and registration and its impact on distribution, operations and compliance programs in light of the pandemic.

WHITE PAPER: Distribution Onboarding in the Digital Era

This report is authored by Craig Weber, Principal & Founder of Perspexion, and provides an overview of the current state of agency and agent onboarding among major U.S. insurers, the business impact of current tools and strategies, and the essential considerations for carriers that seek to improve their agency and agent onboarding performance.

EXECUTIVE BRIEF: Xchange Onboarding, Licensing and Registration

This executive brief provides an in-depth overview of Xchange, RegEd’s Enterprise Contracting, Licensing and Registration solution, developed in collaboration with top industry firms, which has been implemented in more than 500 financial services firms.

WEBINAR: Onboarding in the Digital Age / Insurance Leaders Panel

Senior business leaders from top insurance companies and distributors discuss some of the challenges and opportunities facing the insurance industry in the context of these changing times – including digitization of insurance; M&A and consolidation; economic uncertainty; competitive pressures; advances in technology; and of course, more regulation.


Complementary solutions to power your compliance and credentialing program – all on a unified enterprise platform.


Alerts 2.0, a module of RegEd’s Xchange Enterprise Licensing and Registration solution, enables companies to identify individuals and agencies for which they should receive notifications and automated PDB data updates.


RegEd CLEARXchange instantaneously validates contracting, licensing, education and training, appointment, and registration, at the source, to deliver a real-time Clear to SellSM


RegEd’s CE Central solution simplifies the management of producer compliance with state CE requirements.


Xchange Contracting integrates comprehensive capabilities that enable insurance companies to dramatically reduce the time to contract and appoint new producers.


Schedule a personalized consultation with our solution and subject matter experts. We’ll provide an overview of how RegEd’s enterprise platform enables our clients to improve efficiency, effectiveness and transparency across the enterprise.

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