Advertising Review

RegEd's Advertising Review is the industry's first comprehensive workflow management solution for managing Advertising and Sales Material Compliance Review. Our Advertising Review frees companies from the paper-driven process of reviewing, editing and approving advertising and promotional materials by creating a seamless process for electronic submission, review and collaboration. Advertising Review also keeps you up to speed with automatic email notifications.

Advertising Review provides a comprehensive data repository that stores all company-approved materials. This repository centralizes approved material, providing your marketing professionals with an easily accessible and searchable resource to serve their needs. The ability to re-use approved material from the repository saves valuable time and resources for both marketing and compliance professionals.

Key FeaturesBenefits
  • Matches your business process through customizable workflows
  • Provides a flexible and straightforward system to share, export and import your data
  • Measures turn-around time by reviewer, review task, or across the entire process
  • Uses intelligent workflows, options and rule-based dependencies for optimal review routing
  • Retains all actions, decisions, notes and edits throughout the review
  • Identifies bottlenecks and inefficiencies before they impact your process
  • RegEd-hosted online service allows 24/7 access

Advertising Review is designed with flexibility in mind. Our product can be tailored to match your business process, providing you with customizable workflows, automatic submission routing and organizational-based hierarchy. Advertising Review also features full auditing and tracking and enables you to target specific issues through an ad-hoc data search system. Use it to modernize and streamline your compliance process.

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