RegEd’s Advertising Compliance Solution Tops 4 Million Submissions

Adoption by seven of the top 10 broker-dealers and dozens of other financial services firms drives RegEd’s Enterprise Advertising Review past new milestone

Significant investment in R&D and product innovation for RegEd’s market-leading Enterprise Advertising Review has resulted in the most rapid adoption by leading financial services firms in the solution’s history. Total submissions increased by more than 35% in 2021, enabling the ad compliance solution to recently surpass 4 million submissions since its inception – only a year after it exceeded 3 million submissions. The rapidity with which Enterprise Advertising Review achieved its latest milestone affirms RegEd’s unique capacity to support advertising review processes at enterprise scale.

Submissions of sales and marketing materials are surging as banks, broker-dealers, investment advisers, and insurance companies compete for customers. “Financial services providers want to reach consumers before competitors do. Enterprise Advertising Review enables them to do so by speeding the ad approval process,” RegEd Chief Product Officer Ethan Floyd said.

RegEd’s Enterprise Advertising Review solution simplifies ad compliance, reducing review time by more than 50%, and in some cases, by close to 80%. It also increases the accuracy and consistency of reviews. For example, Lexicon Detection automatically flags problematic keywords and phrases using firm-customized business rules while Concurrent Review with Annotations facilitates real-time collaboration among designated groups enabling multiple reviewers to create markup and track history in a single step.

Scores of leading financial services firms rely on Enterprise Advertising Review, including seven of the 10 largest broker-dealers and two of the three largest banks. In addition to its Submission Intelligence and Intelligent Review capabilities, Enterprise Advertising Review offers a streamlined user experience, complex hierarchy management, advanced indexing and searching and FINRA AREF integration.

“Complying with advertising regulations is as challenging as it is important. Large financial services providers, in particular, must quickly process thousands, or even tens of thousands, of submissions annually so that financial professionals can grow their business. They must also comply with regulations to avoid fines and penalties,” said Mark Mashewske, Product Manager for Enterprise Advertising Review.

Enterprise Advertising Review offers unparalleled efficiency-driving capabilities and can be easily integrated with a firm’s marketing automation system to deliver a seamless, end-to-end process. The aggregate streamlines and automates the management of advertising compliance through all phases, thereby accelerating campaign launches.

RegEd Enterprise Advertising Review can also be integrated with a firm’s larger technology ecosystem. For more information about RegEd Enterprise Advertising Review or other enterprise compliance solutions from RegEd, visit

About RegEd

RegEd is the market-leading provider of RegTech enterprise solutions with relationships with more than 200 enterprise clients, including 80% of the top 25 financial services firms.

Established in 2000 by former regulators, the company is recognized for continuous regulatory technology innovation with solutions hallmarked by workflow-directed processes, data integration, regulatory intelligence, automated validations, business process automation and compliance dashboards. The aggregate drives the highest levels of operational efficiency and enables our clients to cost-effectively comply with regulations and continuously mitigate risk.

Trusted by the nation’s top financial services firms, RegEd’s proven, holistic approach to RegTech meets firms where they are on the compliance and risk management continuum, scaling as their needs evolve and amplifying the value proposition delivered to clients. For more information, please visit

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