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Advertising Review: Is Your Marketing Collateral Review Process 17a-4 Compliant

RegEd’s Advertising Review solution is built to support firm’s marketing collateral approval process. In addition to robust workflows, Advertising Review is designed with compliance in mind including Worm and D3P support per SEC requirements. Many regulations imposed by FINRA and the SEC have to do with the archiving of electronically stored information (ESI). Therefore, to ensure compliance firms are required to archive all necessary ESI. However, just archiving the data is not enough. SEC Rule 17a-4 mandates it must be archived in the proper format to meet compliance standards. Write Once Read Many (WORM) WORM describes a data storage device […]

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Leverage Pre-Audit Questionnaires to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Risk of Non-Compliance

The introduction of RegEd’s Pre-audit questionnaire (PAQ) functionality for Audit Management has enabled compliance and audit professionals to ensure that all pertinent data collected via questionnaires is automatically populated, reducing the need for manual transfer and significantly improving audit cycle time, while reducing the risk of input error. With PAQ’s, auditors and audit schedulers can complete their audit cycle workflows from within a unified tool – schedule audits, designate auditees, assign pre-audit questionnaires, or make changes to distribution recipients from within the solution, for example. With pre-audit questionnaires, compliance programs are able to benefit from: Reduced travel requirements, amount of […]

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Advertising Review: Leverage Next Gen Annotation Tools to Streamline the Review Process

RegEd is excited to announce expanded support for annotations within the industry-leading Enterprise Advertising Review solution.  Reviewers and submitters can now annotate materials using their browser of choice (Internet Explorer 11, Chrome v75+, Firefox v62+, Edge v44+) to allow more flexibility according to their preferences.  Additionally, users may now optionally ‘lock’ annotation comments such that only the individual that submitted the comment will be permitted to delete it, regardless of when created in the review process.  The enhanced annotation tool allows reviewers to easily provide specific feedback on review items by adding comments, highlighting and leveraging various markup tools. Subsequently, […]

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Advertising Review: 4 Ways to get the Most From Your-Reports

Reports show trends on how well your firm did in the past, as well as what’s coming down the pike. These are key factors that drive success for the firm. Information provided by reports is especially important in today’s compliance environment, where it’s critical to be proactive instead of reactive. To make the most of RegEd’s Advertising Review reporting capabilities, follow these proven steps to improve your process. 1. Determine what's important to your firm Executives consider reporting vital to find answers to questions regarding their business. Start by asking questions at the top. When prototyping your reports, it’s important […]

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Efficiencies with Advertising Review’s Two-Way FINRA Integration

Firms filing their advertisements with FINRA know how time consuming and cumbersome the process can be. Not only does the firm need to review collateral based on internal processes, but they also need to organize and send firm-approved files to FINRA based on FINRA 2210. FINRA offers two ways to initiate the review process – either manually through their web portal, or by integrating with its Advertising Review Electronic Files (AREF) system. Since AREF was introduced with RegEd’s Advertising Review solution in 2010, firms had the ability to automate the sending process. As of the spring 2018 release, firms can […]

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The Future of Customer Communications Compliance

We had a blast during the 2018 Advertising Review Client Advisory Board (CAB) meeting! A dozen of our clients and RegEd employees teamed up to review what’s coming down the pike for RegEd’s Advertising Review solution and the industry. During our nearly two-hour meeting, we discussed product features, played innovation games, and explored what the future of the industry could look like. See below for the top takeaways from this year’s session. Third-Party Integrations Over the past few years it has become more important than ever to have a fully holistic up- and down-stream review process. This includes connections with […]

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