RegEd Announces Partnership With IRI on Training to Help Industry Professionals Comply With the DOL Fiduciary Rule

RegEd Announces Partnership With IRI on Training to Help Industry Professionals Comply With the DOL Fiduciary Rule

RegEd, the leading provider of Compliance Education and Product Training solutions for the financial services industry, has announced a partnership with the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) to offer a series of courses for financial professionals and home office personnel as part of a new training initiative. The modules will enable firms in the securities and insurance industries to effectively train employees on the new and changed standards that have been the product of the DOL fiduciary rule.

“Firms must be equipped to prepare their employees and partners to comply with fiduciary rule requirements,” commented John M. Schobel, Chief Executive Officer at RegEd. “As the industry’s understanding of the rule continues to evolve, effective training content will be developed by subject matter experts who are continuously monitoring the regulatory landscape. We’re pleased to be a part of this initiative, which has been shaped with input from more than 800 industry professionals representing more than 100 leading firms.”

RegEd delivers more than 1,250,000 CE courses and insurance certificates annually. Firms rely on RegEd’s regulatory, compliance and education experts for their deep domain expertise and ability to consistently generate timely educational content that enables organizations to effectively prepare their employees to adapt to changing requirements.

“Training will be one of most critical parts of implementing the DOL’s Fiduciary Rule, which is the most massive regulatory change to impact the industry in decades,” said Cathy Weatherford, IRI President and CEO. “We are proud to partner with RegEd on this initiative so that we can support financial professionals and home office personnel through this process by providing them with clear, streamlined and digestible training.”

The first course in the series of training modules is fully developed and will be available in October (insurance CE credit will be applied for).  Module One provides a comprehensive overview of the DOL rule and the Best Interest Contract (BIC) Exemption, including the following sections: About the DOL Fiduciary Rule; Exceptions from the Rule; Being an ERISA Fiduciary; Understanding Your Fiduciary Responsibilities; The Best Interest Contract (BIC) Exemption; Level-Fee Advisors under the DOL Fiduciary Rule; Impact on Advisor Compensation; Recommending Rollovers under the DOL Fiduciary Rule; Impact on Client Relationships; and Special Rules for Proprietary Products and Fixed-Rate Annuity Contracts. This module is appropriate for anyone whose job is affected by the rule.

Three additional modules are also in development, including a two-part course for financial professionals who are fiduciaries under the new rule to meet the requirements of the new best interest standard, and a course focused on the responsibilities of broker-dealer and insurer home office personnel under the rule.

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