RegEd Completes 3 Million Submissions on Compliance Questionnaires Solution

RegEd Completes 3 Million Submissions on Compliance Questionnaires Solution

RegEd, the leading provider of compliance and risk management technology to broker-dealers and other financial services firms, today announced that its Compliance Questionnaires solution has achieved the milestone of processing 3 million submissions, enabling its broker-dealer clients to efficiently manage their compliance programs.  Today, Compliance Questionnaires is used by more than 400 enterprise clients, including 80% of the top 25 broker-dealers.

RegEd’s Compliance Questionnaires is an enterprise application and part of RegEd’s Compliance and Audit Management platform.  As a core module addressing FINRA compliance regulation, Compliance Questionnaires leverages the platform’s robust workflow engine, enabling firms to design complex workflows that mirror their best practices, and includes multiple reviewer, approval and sign-off stages. In addition, the solution seamlessly integrates with FINRA WebEFT, enabling registered representatives to affirmatively attest to the accuracy of their U4 data on file.

“Integral to maintaining a strong compliance program is the ability to identify and analyze deficiencies and outliers across the representative population and report on the results,” stated Ann Robinson, Senior Vice President, RegEd, and a former senior compliance officer at a large broker-dealer. “For firms with hundreds or thousands of registered representatives, readily identifying and addressing deficiencies before they cause the firm harm is akin to looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack.”

RegEd’s Compliance Questionnaires provides a robust set of integrated, workflow-driven enterprise tools that enable firms to initiate, distribute and track annual compliance questionnaires required by FINRA and address and report on critical compliance deficiencies before risk materializes. A fully configurable solution, Compliance Questionnaires can be specifically tailored to meet firm requirements and enables firms to be fully responsive to document requests from internal stakeholders and regulators, demonstrating a culture of compliance.

"RegEd solutions are implemented in hundreds of broker-dealers, serving hundreds of thousands of advisors, providing us unique insight into the specific challenges the industry faces on a daily basis,” stated John M. Schobel, CEO and Founder, RegEd. “Our clients depend on RegEd’s Compliance Questionnaires solution to reduce non-compliance gaps, eliminate time-consuming and suboptimal processes, and maintain good standing with FINRA regulations.”

Schobel continued, “Achieving the milestone of 3 million compliance questionnaire submissions illustrates the dependability and effectiveness of RegEd solutions. Implementing innovative technology that keeps our clients out in front of increasing compliance demands is a key driver at RegEd. We continue to look for ways to leverage technology to pinpoint potential risk and enable more efficient operations.”

About RegEd 

RegEd is a leading provider of compliance technology solutions with relationships with more than 400 enterprise clients, including 80% of the top 25 broker-dealers and top 25 insurance companies. Established in 1994 by former regulators, the company is a recognized industry authority and has created the standard of excellence for rule-based and content-driven compliance automation for insurance companies, investment advisors and broker-dealers. RegEd solutions drive new levels of operational efficiency and enable firms to cost-effectively comply with regulations and mitigate risk.

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