RegEd Launches Real-time ‘Clear to Sell’ for Agents

RegEd CLEARXchangeSM enables real-time validation of contracting, licensure, education/training, appointment and registration for an instant “clear to sell.”

RALEIGH, N.C., September 17, 2021 — Agents can place compliant business faster with the newly released RegEd CLEARXchange, the financial services industry’s most comprehensive Clear to SellSM solution for eliminating “not in good order” (NIGO) transactions and improving agent and adviser satisfaction.

RegEd CLEARXchange offers a frictionless path to placing business and paying commissions compliantly by automatically validating that the producer holds the proper licenses and appointments for the business they are placing and for which they are receiving payment. The real-time “clear to sell” positions a properly credentialed producer to immediately place compliant business as they are onboarded.

Only RegEd CLEARXchange delivers a real-time “clear to sell” by instantaneously validating licensure, appointment, registration, education, and mandated training at the source, including just-in-time training completions, thereby improving efficiency for firms and the user experience for producers.

By accessing data directly from the source in real-time, RegEd CLEARXchange enables producers to immediately fulfill training requirements. To date, more than 920,000 agents have taken just-in-time training from RegEd’s Annuities and Industry Training Platform to complete required courses before they were on the agent file from the carrier.

Debra Freitag, Chief Strategy Officer at RegEd, said, “With RegEd CLEARXchange, firms and producers do not have to delay placing business or paying commissions while waiting hours or days for training completion reports to be run or files to be uploaded to external systems.”  Freitag continued, “Both agent and client satisfaction improve as well because policies and contracts can be bound in near-real time without the burden of redoing NIGO applications.”

As a new module of RegEd’s market-leading Enterprise Xchange Contracting, Licensing, and Registration solution, RegEd CLEARXchange can be integrated with more than two dozen commercial solutions, including account-opening, order-entry, and compensation systems such as Ebix, iPipeline, Broadridge, and DXC, as well as with regulatory and industry gateways. The solution is also fully integrated with RegEd’s Annuities and Industry Training Platform and can be integrated with third-party training providers.

When a new appointment is required, RegEd CLEARXchange will automatically generate it as well as validate that the producer has completed the mandatory state, industry, and carrier training required to place the business. If the individual’s credentials are not in good order, they can immediately fulfill the requirement via RegEd’s Annuities and Industry Training Platform.  

As the leading provider of compliance education, product training, and annual compliance programs to the financial services industry, RegEd delivers more than 1 million CE courses, insurance certificates, and training completions each year, making it ideally suited for fulfilling the requirements that a producer may have to satisfy to be properly credentialed.

With more than 200 enterprise implementations, RegEd is the industry leader for licensing and registration solutions. RegEd manages 13 million active licenses and registrations and processes more than 5.3 million insurance and securities transactions for clients annually.

RegEd CLEARXchange, Enterprise Xchange Contracting, Licensing, and Registration, and other industry-leading regulatory technology solutions will be featured at the 2021 SILA National Education Conference, which will be held in Philadelphia on September 19-22. For more information about RegEd CLEARXchange or other enterprise compliance solutions from RegEd, visit:

About RegEd

RegEd is a leading provider of RegTech enterprise solutions that address Advertising Review, Conflicts of Interest, Audit Management, Compliance Disclosures, Regulatory Change Management, Onboarding, Licensing and Registration, and more. RegEd works with hundreds of enterprise clients, including 80% of the top 25 financial services firms.

Established in 2000 by former regulators, the company is recognized for continuous regulatory technology innovation with enterprise-grade solutions hallmarked by workflow-directed processes, data integration, regulatory intelligence, automated validations, business process automation, and compliance dashboards. The aggregate drives the highest levels of operational efficiency and enables clients to cost-effectively comply with regulations and continuously mitigate risk.

Trusted by the nation’s top financial services firms, RegEd’s proven, holistic approach to RegTech meets firms where they are on the compliance and risk management continuum, scaling as their needs evolve and transforming the value proposition that compliance delivers. For more information, please visit

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